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Keynote Speakers

Jody Nolf

My name is Jody Nolf and I am a former public school educator.

I have a degree in English, certification in reading and ESOL, and

a master’s degree in leadership and administration. For over

twenty years, I taught English and intensive reading to middle and

high school students in Palm Beach County, FL, the 10th largest

school district in the country. For six years following my classroom

experience, I served as a full-time ESOL coordinator (as it is called

in FL) and advocate for multilingual learners. In 2020, I was named

a Champion of Equity by the American Consortium for Equity in



In June of 2022, I began a new career at Vista Higher Learning as the

Florida Literacy and Language Sales Specialist, and in October of that

year, I became the Literacy Engagement Specialist for the East Coast.

This new career allows me to continue to share my passion for literacy

and advocate for multilingual learners, while training educators with

our products and delivering professional development to schools and

districts all along the East Coast of the United States.

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Fabiana Parker

Fabiana Parker is an experienced English as a Second Language (ESL)

educator who teaches students in grades nine through twelve in Manassas,

Virginia. Having grown up as an English-language-learner herself, she

understands the challenges and triumphs that come with learning a new

language. Her passion for education began during her childhood when she

taught her grandmother to read.

Mrs. Parker's educational journey spans across vast geographical regions.

She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Modern Foreign Language and

Education from King's College London in 2001 and her Master of Arts

degree in Education, Curriculum, and Instruction from Boise State University

in 2005. She has also completed coursework at various universities, including the University of Virginia, The University of Phoenix, University of Granada,

and Oxford and Cambridge Universities.

As a global-minded educator, Mrs. Parker is committed to civic and

community involvement. In 2015, she received a Congressional Record for serving the adult literacy needs of the Northern Virginia community. In 2021,

she was recognized by the Virginia Department of Health with a Certificate of

Appreciation for her outstanding commitment and translation services during

the Coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic response efforts. She is the 2023

Virginia Teacher of the Year and a staunch advocate for equity, diversity, and

inclusion in the classroom and beyond.

Mrs. Parker's greatest accomplishment is seeing her students achieve their

educational goals and become productive members of society. She uses her

personal and professional experiences to promote cultural diversity, build

bridges of trust, respect, and understanding across cultures.

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