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The Virginia EL Supervisors’ Association is proud to be able to offer scholarships to English Learners who are planning to continue their studies at a college, university, community college, or work-force training programs.

Please encourage your English learner (EL) teachers (AKA: ESOL teachers) and school counselors to assist students in gathering the required documents so that all applications will be complete at the time of mailing. Incomplete application packets will not be considered. You may duplicate the application as necessary. The deadline for all applications is April 26, 2024 by 5:00pm EST.

The following criteria will be used for scholarship consideration:

● Enrolled in an ESL program for at least one year in grades 6-12 in a Virginia public school
● Enrolled in 12th grade at the time of application
● Financial need
● The strength of the student produced essay

Please note the importance of a local contact person taking the time to assist the student in completing ALL sections of the application. Due to the large number of applicants each year, the committee will not be able to personally follow-up on sections of the application that are missing.

We hope to be able to announce the names of the scholarship winners no later than May 30, 2023.

Questions?  Contact Samuel Klein at or 703-228-6095.

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